MC PROFILEGeorge Cockle

Available servicesVP narration, CM voice over, surfing, Hawaii, DJ for music, MC, TV program report, etc.
* Currently not accepting requests as a Bilingual MC.

Born in 1956 in Kamakura. Japanese with a Japanese master of dance mother and an American yachtsman father. He spent his childhood in Japan, Texas and Korea. After his student life in Japan, he roamed the world, including India, San Francisco and Hawaii wandering on the surf for 18 years.
He has been working as a broadcaster, music producer, columnist and lyricist. After working in Tokyo FM radio programs "FROM TOKYO", "Transit" , etc he is currently working as the main personality of Inter FM "Georgy Cuckoo's Lazy Sunday". In addition, taking advantage of his numerous music experiences and outstanding memory, he has been publishing music columns for various magazines such as the "Record Collectors" magazine.