MC PROFILEChizu Nakauchi

Hobbies​Snowboarding, Skiing, Body boarding, Watching ice hockey games
Skills/SpecialtyFashion, storage

After graduating from university, I lived in four different countries over a period of 14years: Republic of Vanuatu, Indonesia, Malaysia, and USA. I had a lot of chance to attend many events and parties. And established good relationships with many people. I worked at a travel agent as a tour coordinator as well. Therefore, I was able to improve high level communication and interpersonal skills with people from different background while I was in those countries. Moreover, I’ve discovered that Japanese modern and traditional cultures are becoming more and more popular among people overseas. Subsequently, I have been cultivating myself by studying Japanese history, including traditional culture and customs, geography, and tourist attractions in order to work as a bilingual communicator. -Currently working for international conferences, parties and other events as MC, interpreter, announcer and facilitator. -High level communication skills, both written and oral in English and Japanese.